Attendees Eligible for 4 Hours of CPE Credit

GRC Day May 22

Start the day with coffee and networking.

PCAOB is always updating the requirements needed for compliance, join in a discussion of what these changes mean for you.

The SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is a new tool that can help you. Applications, customizations, and configuration changes now can be stored, versioned and tracked in a structured way that makes compliance easier.

In this session, we will share how SDF works, and NetSuite’s plans for using SDF as the underlying technology for the future versions of current tools like SuiteBundler.

This session will examine the fundamentals of building and fostering a risk-aware culture. Learn best practices for connecting risk awareness to your organization’s strategic planning to positively impact operational performance.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Encourage a risk-aware culture across your management and reporting teams
  • Incorporate risk awareness into your current strategies

Field of study: Finance

Course level: Basic (For CPAs new to the skill)


An IPO is an exciting event in a company’s life-cycle. However, life as a public company introduces a broad range of additional responsibilities and expectations. This session will share real-life experiences, considerations and best practices to help ease the transition to public life. We will also discuss experiences from a company who has “been there and done that.” Specifically, covering systems controls, system change management, access & security and segregation of duties.

By now, everyone understands the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) gives EU citizens the right to know where their private personal data is kept and to have it forgotten upon request. But your responsibility goes further than just reporting and forgetting information.

GDPR also mandates you secure personal data. So, even if you never receive a forget me request, you can still face negative consequences. What security measures do you need to take to comply with the new regulation? What should you be auditing? We’ll discuss the challenges of access security, details surrounding a privacy audit, and the burden of proof necessary for true compliance.

NetSuite is unique in many ways and can be difficult to audit if not done correctly. This session will provide an overview of the process, key considerations, and constraints when auditing NetSuite.

Enjoy lunch while networking with peers.


The foundation of every good audit plan is effective scoping and risk assessment. This session will provide an overview of the SOX scoping and risk assessment process.

Whether you are newly public, or pre-ipo, you are likely preparing for a yearly audit. A key part of your audit will be analyzing your company’s segregation of duties (SOD) and related NetSuite access controls. Join this session to learn how to simplify this process.

Whether you’re a public company moving to NetSuite, on a pre-IPO path, or simply interested in managing your account using controls-focused, repeatable and predictable processes, this session is for you. You will be briefed on the details of NetSuite Compliance and Controls considerations, best practices, tools for customer administrative and audit teams and future product enhancements.

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses approach the consumption and delivery of IT services and can provide numerous benefits to an organization. While the use of cloud computing does pose risks, if they are understood and planned for from the outset, they can be managed. In this discussion, we will explore key cloud computing risks and Management’s role in ensuring they are identified and controlled.

Whether you’re a public company moving to NetSuite, on a pre-IPO path or simply interested in managing your account using controls-focused, repeatable and predictable processes, this session is for you. Bring your questions to this panel discussion where you can ask anything related to Compliance and controls in NetSuite. Learn from NetSuite experts and be part of the discussion with your peers.

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